Can I Pack an Electric Shaver & Beard Trimmer in Airplane Luggage?

There are many airplane restrictions nowadays and often the information can be conflicting. The guy ahead of you is allowed to bring his cuticle clippers, but you can’t bring your tweezers. Some prohibited items make sense, while others don’t. While most airport security staff are understanding if you make a mistake, you may just miss your flight, so it’s best to conform to the rules. Many men may be confused as to whether they can pack their electric shaver or disposable razors in their carry on luggage, or whether these items have to be checked with the bags.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, a mens’s electric razor, or cordless or rechargeable men’s shaver or beard trimmer is allowed on the airplane. This is because it lacks the sharp points which would get people into trouble with bringing knives or scissors onboard.

Perhaps the confusion may lay in the fact that men’s traditional razor blades may be prohibited in carryon bags. These are the types where the razor is attached to the handle, and the razor is extremely long or wide. Most plastic disposable razors are still allowed, though people prefer to pack these in their checked luggage too.

There are some rules governing allowed and prohibited razors. There may also be other rules on allowable shaving products, such as creams, foams, and soaps. Check them carefully, so that you know how to pack your luggage in advance, or perhaps just leave these items at home. You may also shop for them at your destination, The best electric shaver site helps you find the best beard trimmer.

Besides an electric razor being allowed on the plane or in checked luggage, you can also bring disposable razors and cartridges onboard. Safety razors are allowed, but with restrictions. These are razors where you can add a new razor when the old one wears out. You must remove the blade from the handle before packing it in your carry on bag and stow the razor blades safely. These razor blades are much smaller than your traditional Victorian men’s razor blade.

Any type of razor is allowed in checked luggage, so if you wish to err on the side of caution, pack everything and check it.

If your men’s shaver is one of the Braun types that takes batteries, you can still pack the batteries in your carry on or your checked luggage. Just remember to leave the batteries out of the shaver, so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on while in transit and drain it.

When packing your electric shaver, you may also wish to ensure that it’s packed securely, to protect your investment. Place the plastic end cap on it, even if you don’t use it at home. This protects the foil or rotary head of the shaver so that it doesn’t become damaged. Place your shaver in a travel pouch or zippered bag before placing it in your luggage. This will also prevent injury to inspectors or luggage handlers, who may become annoyed that your luggage is in disarray.

You can pack as much bar soap as you wish, but there are regulations on personal care products, such as liquid soap, gels, and creams. Foams in an aerosol canister will be prohibited, so you’ll have to leave these at home.

You can bring one quart-sized ziploc bag full of your liquid toiletries. Each of these must be placed in bottles that are no more than 3.4 ounces each. Each person is only allowed to bring one of these bags onboard, but you can pack as many other liquids in your checked luggage, with the exception of anything pressurized or aerosol.

To expedite screening of your shaving products at security, remove your plastic baggie from your carryon luggage and place it in one of the plastic bins for that purpose.

If you have any doubts about any of your items, check the TSA website, or pack them in your checked luggage. Remember that most hotels have gift shops that stock basic items that you may have forgotten.

Just stick to the airport rules, and you’ll reach your destination safely but still have all the men’s shaving tools that you need to look your best.