Getting More Followers on Instagram: How To Do That?

It can be fascinating to think how you can successfully sell your goods through Instagram if you’ve acquired a following when you’re just starting an online business. But the million-dollar question is how to obtain Instagram followers.

The first 10,000 Instagram followers are the most difficult to get. Why? Nobody knows who you are right now.

You still have to show that you’re a successful brand and influencer. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility.

You might have 10,000 buy instagram followers cheap in as little as six months if you follow my instruction on how to obtain followers on Instagram. There will be no jokes or trickery!

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How to Increase Instagram Followers

#1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups to Gain Instagram Followers

Have you ever wondered what people that gain a large number of Instagram followers do differently?

They become members of engagement groups (aka. Instagram pods).

While it may be tempting to join the most popular Instagram engagement groups, the truth is that sticking to your specialization will provide you with a better tailored list of Instagram followers.

This strategy is great for entrepreneurs who are just learning how to obtain Instagram followers.

There are engagement groups for travel, beauty, fashion, and other topics.

You can gain followers and likes from people who share your interests in these communities.

However, if you’re serious about catching their attention, you should reciprocate by following fan sites for new members of the group.

This method has helped friends gain 2,000 new followers in just a few weeks.

While it may not result in instant sales, it does help you establish credibility early on so that your Instagram page does not appear to have only a few followers.

Keep in mind that this is more of a short-term plan for your first few weeks on Instagram, rather than a long-term strategy for gaining devoted Instagram followers.

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#2. Get Free Instagram Followers by Reposting Other People’s Content

My whole posting approach when it came to social media marketing and growing my store’s Instagram following relied around reposting other people’s material.

Every time I did this, I made sure to give credit to the original poster in my descriptions. It’s the only way to earn free followers while avoiding being flagged.

I used to capture screenshots and upload them on Instagram when I first started. The Repost app was important in the growth of my page. I was able to start reposting video content on Instagram as a result of it.

When I re-posted a video that had 52,862 views, 1264 comments, and 9,147 likes, it was one of my biggest home runs. I didn’t even have 10,000 followers at the time, so this was a huge event. What’s the best part? I didn’t run any advertisements or anything like that. I acquired free Instagram followers.

Why didn’t I create my own stuff instead of reposting other people’s?

Because I was aware that reposting content was easier. Plus, I’d never be able to compete with someone else’s graphic and video output. At the very least, I’m forthright about it!

I’m not sure how I decided what to repost. I’d have a look at the figures.

Hashtags are a terrific technique to gain new followers on social media. I was quite active on Instagram at the time, so I’d go through the list of hashtags I made and utilized on a regular basis to discover the best-performing posts that weren’t posted by other fan pages (so not my competitors), but by individuals.

Then I’d watch the movies and look at the photos to determine which ones elicited the most emotion in me. I knew I had to repost someone else’s post if I felt compelled to share it.

So, if you’re new to Instagram and want to learn how to attract followers, this high-impact method is simple enough for a novice.

Important: Instagram’s policy has been revised, and you must now obtain permission before reposting.

#3. Get a Buzzfeed Feature to Increase Your Instagram Followers

To increase your Instagram followers, you’ll need to find a strategy to reach a large audience. And no one does it better than Buzzfeed when it comes to incorporating Instagram posts into their material.

An Instagram influencer who works for Buzzfeed wrote an article about how she built her own brand. Her current following is nearly 10,400, but an article she published on the site may have aided her.

So, if you want to play around with Buzzfeed, go to its Community section, where anyone can contribute their own material to the platform.

To gain awareness and create trust, you must, of course, obey their requirements.

Is Buzzfeed not a good fit for your industry? That’s great. You can also use a service called HARO, which sends you emails three times a day with requests from journalists looking for material and expert quotes for their stories.

The majority of HARO reporters allow for a website link as well as social media links. By incorporating a link to your store and Instagram account, you can kill two birds with one stone.

With client images in your feed, obtaining followers on Instagram will be a lot easier when you’re just starting out. Why? It aids in the development of social proof.

If you’ve never had a customer before, go out to influencers with less than 5,000 followers in your niche. Although the number may appear small, influencers with a little following on Instagram are eager to monetize their profiles and will be happy to shoot photos with your products for a much cheaper fee.

You can also offer them an affiliate program in which they will receive a commission for each sale made through their client referral link.

If you’ve already made a few purchases, contact customers and offer a free gift or a monetary incentive for taking high-quality photos with the goods they bought.

Offering incentives isn’t a long-term plan, but it can help you develop in the near term as you work to create your brand.

Customers will automatically start tagging you in posts when they receive their purchases as more customers see customer images on your Instagram.

In a word, if you leave comments on consumers’ posts, repost their material, and follow them, you’ll almost certainly gain their attention.

Some people will follow you when they tag you in their own post. Start spreading the word!

#5. Have a Consistent Style on Instagram to Gain Followers

I understand that this sounds like one of those “blah, blah, blah” methods for gaining Instagram followers. But it isn’t the case.

The reason for this is that people follow you not because of the information you’ve provided, but because of what they anticipate you’ll write in the future.

Let’s say you have a corgi fan page, and you consistently publish cute corgi photographs and videos.

If people keep watching your Instagram posts, they’ll notice that you always have the cutest corgi content.

As a result, they will follow you in the hopes of seeing more of the same type of content on your account.

Having a consistent style or theme is more than simply a branding strategy; it’s about setting a standard for your Instagram account that your current and potential followers can expect. Every day, they want to see more of the same type of stuff.

If you can keep that level of consistency with each post, you’ll quickly earn Instagram followers while also creating confidence and trust in your business.

#6. Use Hashtags to Increase Instagram Followers

Many gurus may advise you to utilize only 5 or 11 hashtags, or some other random amount. However, when it came to creating my store’s Instagram account, I disregarded their advise and went wild.

I’d use my phone to copy and paste a list of hashtags into my app. Then I’d alter it up every now and then to try out other hashtags. I eventually worked out which ones were appropriate for my business.

Normally, I’d stick at or close to the maximum number of hashtags — 30. That’s the number to remember.

The truth is that you used all of those hashtags in your initial comment. And when your page’s activity grows, no one will notice the first comment since they’ll be too preoccupied with tagging their friends in your post.

Sure, folks could notice it while you’re first starting out. However, if the goal is to enhance visibility, adding additional hashtags is the simplest approach to do so. Your posts will rank higher for those hashtag keywords as you earn followers, providing you even more exposure.

If you use niche-specific hashtags, you’ll enhance your chances of getting discovered by a relevant audience, which will help you expand your Instagram followers.

If you’re selling clothes, for example, avoid hashtags like #love or #picoftheday.

#7. Make Use of Location Tags to Attract Local Followers

Did you know that simply adding your location in your Instagram Stories and posts, you can make them more discoverable? The “location tag” displays your current location or the location where the video or photograph was taken. It also allows you to organize your posts by location, with all material labeled for that location.

If you’re a local business, geotags might help customers find and follow your Instagram account. Locations have their own feed, Story, and hashtags, which you can add to by including a location sticker in your Stories.

#8. To Increase Instagram Followers, Embed Your IG Feed On Your Blog

You can integrate your Instagram photographs on your website if you have your own personal or business blog.

Assume you own a blog about trendy accessories. You may make a blog post about the top accessories for men to have in their wardrobe. You have the option of using Instagram posts that feature single photographs of your products or a curated visual of items that go well together.

On your desktop, go to Instagram, go to your page, select the post, click the ‘…’ symbol, and then choose Embed. Then you paste the link into the code section of your blog article.

More people will read your site over time, and they will be more likely to check out your Instagram account as well.

I understand that this is a long-term strategy. Especially if traffic isn’t coming in today. However, starting with your Instagram postings provides you a better chance of being seen.

Start doing this immediately, and you should start seeing significant results in six months.

#9: Follow People Who Like Instagram Pages That Compete With Yours

You’ll need to identify people who follow businesses to grow your Instagram followers.

On Instagram, who are your biggest rivals? Make a list of them. Then look through their postings to see who is commenting on them. Keep an eye on them and interact with them.

Keep in mind that while choosing Instagram competition, smaller brands are preferable.

Why? Because, despite being in a similar area, if you’re selling cosmetic brushes and attempting to engage folks who comment on Sephora, there’s a strong chance they’re not the correct demographic. Customers are more loyal to larger brands.

If you have a competition with 100,000 followers on Instagram, they may not be as loyal to your business.

Try not to come across as salesy when commenting on the postings of individuals you follow.

Also, never send the same message to the same recipient.

Give them a response if they ask a question on their post.

You can also get ideas and inspiration by looking at the types of comments that other people leave.

You’ll gradually gain Instagram followers as you continue to follow and engage with others.

#10. Collaborate with influencers to increase Instagram followers.

Getting an Instagram shoutout for having an influencer execute an account takeover is another technique to grow your Instagram following.

If an influencer has a large following, they can offer you a shoutout, perhaps resulting in more followers and sales for your account.

Make sure to include a clause in the contract prohibiting the influencer from providing bogus traffic.

We once worked with an influencer who gave us a shoutout, and as a result, our account gained 2,000 inactive Instagram followers. It was clear that she had used a bot.

You run the risk of having your Instagram account suspended if you obtain a sudden influx of false followers. That is something that no one desires.

Ask an influencer you work with to execute an account takeover on your Instagram Stories if you’re seeking for a technique to get actual Instagram followers. People will have to follow your page to see the story this way. Make sure you ask them to let their audience know a few days ahead of time.