Raid: Shadow Legends Video Game Tips For Beginners

RAID: Shadow Legends is a popular mobile gacha game. The aggressive marketing campaign has resulted in millions of downloads from both the Apple and Android stores. This RAID Shadow Legends guide is a great resource for anyone who’s new to the game, or just looking for some tips and tricks to help you get to the next level.

Start with

These are the starting Champions. Make wise choices.

You’ll be thrown into battle with four Champions when you start RAID: Shadow Legends for the first time. Elhain Kael Galek, Athel. Each character plays with a different style: Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel are all Elven Archers. You will battle your way through a dungeon taking out foes according to a set plan. You’ll eventually meet a boss that you can’t kill and end up killing all four of your characters.

You’ll be greeted by the Ice Golem Arbiter after the battle. This is the campaign’s guiding figurehead. She also mentions that only one Champion can be resurrected. You can only make one choice, and it is permanent. Choose the one that you love the most. is the best starting character, but they’re nothing compared to the rare summons that you’ll be making much later in the game. You can use any of these characters to get you to the end game. Because champions are so good, you can create entire comps around them. You don’t need to worry about creating perfect teams or min-maxing until you get a lot further.

How to summon new characters

Summoning Shards can be used to summon new Champions for your roster.

Once you’ve chosen your Champion, you can begin your adventure. A few shards will be given to you so that you can start summoning Champions. You’ll need to go back into the town screen, click on the summoning portal at the top left and you will be able to summon Champions each time. This will bring you to the summoning screen. You can use different tiers Summoning Shards.

These shards are what determine the character quality.

Common Summoning Shards will be your first currency. These will allow you to attract the most evil characters. These characters can be useful when you first start Raid: Shadow Legends. You won’t have any units so they aren’t very useful. The starting summons will become less important as your team grows stronger. Keep your horrible characters safe until you reach that point. To create resources that can improve your Champion or those you love, you can start to sacrifice them in the Tavern.

Affinity System

You may have noticed that each character has a different colour. Each color represents the’school’ that they are a part of. These are the combat schools:

  • Magic (Blue).
  • Spirit (Green).
  • Force (Red).
  • Void (Purple).

The rock-paper-scissors matchup of Red, Green, and Blue is called “Blue, Green, and…” Blue beats Green, Green beats Red and Red beats Blue. These colors will be important to remember when you send your team into battle, regardless of the game mode. In the Raid Shadow Legends guide, a key tip is to ensure your characters are hitting enemies they can counter. This will guarantee bonus damage and help you clear your enemies from the board.

The Void school is a special storytelling or late game school. Void characters are those who have no strength or weaknesses relative to other schools.

Enjoy the Campaign

To progress in Raid Shadow Legends you will need to complete the campaign. This campaign will give you your first Champion experience, and improve your overall level. Your account will level up and you’ll be able to unlock more features and play more games.

This alone is enough to motivate you, but the campaign also tells a decent story and teaches the basics of combat. You can experiment with different types of teams and enter combat with the campaign’s first few chapters. It also gives you an opportunity to practice with the affinity system. The best incentive to participate in the campaign is to earn Champion experience, artifacts and new Champions.

Sacrifice, Masteries, Artifacts

This is how you can find artifacts to enhance your characters.

Artifacts provide power to all your characters. As you progress through the campaign’s first acts, you will be able to get decent quality gear when you start the game. This is a huge advantage for the Champion that you choose at the beginning of the game. They become stronger than all the other Champions they earn or summon. Your starting champion will be victorious if you have the best damage gear and useful gear set bonuses.

You will not only get powerful starting items but also less valuable gear. These items can include defense gear for your Spirit characters and magical damage for Magic champions, among other things. It is not free to remove gear from characters that have already purchased the items. You start the game with very little silver. Smart planning is a smart way to ensure that you get the right items for your character as you advance.


Sacrificing Champions is an important progression mechanism.

Sacrificing Heroes is one of best ways to increase your characters’ strength. Sacrificing characters serves to replenish your resource bar, which you can then use to increase your main character’s rarity. The power of a Champion’s Raiity is more than just adding bonus stats to gear or levelling them naturally.

It is a bad idea to sacrifice your spare characters without a plan or strategy. This could backfire on you later. We recommend that you never sacrifice rare or extremely high-quality Champions. Gacha games developers continue to release new characters. A rare character can climb up the Raid Shadow Legends Tier List just because a new character complements them. You don’t want regret creeping up on your life. You can always start grinding the Summoning Shard if you regret your decision. You can also buy Summoning Shards using real money. We do not recommend this. Do not waste your time and income on an easy mistake. If you have a duplicate, don’t sacrifice the higher-level characters.

Another important tip from Raid Shadow Legends is to not lose touch with your horrible Champion. You’ll find powerful characters as you play the game. There are many great summons that you can unlock. When you find a Champion who is both fun and very strong, it’s time to make use of the sacrifice feature to increase their rank. Throw away any terrible or duplicate picks that you don’t intend to use on them. Keep your War Boys ready to be used by someone superior.


Scrolls can be a rare resource in early games. This section of Raid Shadow Legends Guide is for advanced players. These scrolls can be used to speccing Champions onto specific build paths. You can invest your characters in different passive bonuses through the Mastery Tree. A character who is good at tanking enemy tanks will be better at their job.

We recommend that you save your scrolls until summoning rarer and more powerful Champions. Scrolls can be difficult to find so make sure you only use them when it is convenient. Scrolls can be bought with real money. However, we suggest that you do not use them immediately after you have acquired them. This will allow you to spend your resources more effectively in the later game. This Raid Shadow Legends guide will teach you that planning for the future is a key part of this gacha title.

Don’t waste money

If you don’t like the game, do not invest your money. Raid Shadow Legends is full of microtransactions. When I started playing Raid Shadow Legends, one of the first things that I noticed was the constant spam of popups for new player packs, flash sale and other crap you don’t want. Support the developers if you enjoy the game. We feel it’s important to emphasize that the game is addictive and grindy. There are many pay-for convenience stores that can help you fix a mistake or buy shards of the new Champion. It’s easy to spend more than you intended if you only make small purchases from time to time, regardless of whether you are addicted to the game or just love it.