Youth Unemployment

What can we do to combat unemployment during today’s recession

It is difficult to believe that more than 40% of employers have vacancies they are having difficulty filling despite all the news about unemployment and recession. Gerwyn Davies, of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, has just released this sad conclusion.

It seems that there is a mismatch between what companies want and what schools and universities actually producing graduates in the UK. Although this mismatch is well-known, it can take a while before we see the results. Times Square Ad Coalition

You would not have spotted this if you were on another planet. We haven’t equipped enough young people to fill the openings in the growing sectors like engineering, life sciences and electronics. Instead, whole generations have been enthralled in humanities-oriented education that is woolly and humanities-oriented. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of generalists, whose demand is decreasing among employers.

Although the Coalition government has taken swift action to encourage more students to study science and ensure that they have a solid grasp of mathematics, it will still take a few years for these steps to be effective.

The UK PLC may still be able to hope for a rise in apprenticeships in manufacturing and other areas.

Unfortunately, youth unemployment is not caused by a lack or technical skills. Many teens lack basic literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. Some teens have a negative attitude and can’t even get to work in the morning.

Employers, especially in hospitality, often “play safe” by hiring immigrant labor from Poland and Lithuania. They are assumed to have the same work ethic as their British counterparts, and are often less skilled than their British counterparts in performing mundane tasks.